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Get ready to be inspired with Dave – the ultimate coach, author, trainer, and speaker! Tune in to his podcast, Positive Polarity, where each week he chats with guests from across the globe. Together, they dive into the thrilling world where business growth meets personal growth.


It was May 2020. Like everyone else, I was stuck inside; I couldn’t see my clients face to face, so we got on zoom to stay in touch. I’m a dot connector. I wanted to keep connecting with people during covid, so I decided to zoom with a new person each week. We began to record it in case it was really good, which it often was. 
At that point, we thought we might as well share it, and turn it into a podcast. So we’ve been publishing weekly ever since, and we’ve had guests from 6 continents. Everyone has gained so much from it – I’m always learning as much or more than I’m sharing – so we kept it going. Every week we have a different guest. They are all business related, and we discuss business growth strategies and how their personal experience was through the process. Guests share their business experiences and how they have been affected personally by them.

-Dave Molenda

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