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An Innovative Approach to Business Coaching

Transform your business with Dave's one-of-a-kind coaching tailored specifically for you and your team.

Who Would Benefit from the Business Coaching with Dave & Positive Polarity?

Sales Teams

Supercharge your sales and unlock the secrets to success with our range of powerful tools, including DISC! Start cultivating unbreakable connections and reaching new heights today!

Human Resources

Ready to hire the perfect person? I've got you covered with our cutting-edge Predictive Analytics in Hiring. I'll connect you with the absolute best individuals for the job. Let's make hiring easy and efficient - together!


Looking to create highly engaged teams? Seeking a professional sounding board for fresh ideas? Look no further - I've got the perfect tools to help you change perspective and step outside your comfort zone!

Customer Service

Elevate your customer's experience with a strategic investment in your customer-facing team. I will empower your staff to engage effectively, leading to unforgettable customer interactions.

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Dave’s Business Coaching Method

Break Free From The Ordinary

Let’s explore innovative strategies for your business. Together, we will work to  shed light on the blind spots in your current processes and develop a game plan.

Through collaboration and understanding, we’ll uncover the path to success that’s tailored specifically to you. Each journey is a creative and one-of-a-kind experience, as your business’s growth is unique.

I dive deep into your business, fostering trust and assisting you in acknowledging and addressing your weaknesses. Why? Because that’s where the real magic happens. Brace yourself for extraordinary growth and endless possibilities.

Step up your business game

This isn’t your ordinary approach; I’m here for the long haul, not fast, flashy results. I believe in hard work and focused assistance. Whether you’re a master in your field needing help with business expansion or looking to turn a brilliant idea into reality, I’ve got you covered. Feeling stuck or craving solid growth? I’ll be right there beside you, mapping out the path to success. Trust me, I’ve been in your shoes and know the struggle of finding the right support, taking my previous startup from $0 to $10 million in annual sales. Let me guide you to the perfect solution.

The trouble with blind spots is we do not know we have them. So Dave comes alongside to help shed a light on these blind spots:

The trouble with blind spots is we do not know we have them. So we come alongside to help shed a light on these blind spots.

What You Get When
You Work With Dave

I’d like to share my 5 strengths that I possess based on Gallup’s StrengthsFinder Program to help drive your future success.


I will “delve deeper, be on the cutting edge, identify opportunities, listen, quiz people and read”. I love to dive into a problem and find a workable solution for all involved. I love to be involved in the mediation and arbitration process and have been for years.


I will help people overcome obstacles, inspire others and hold to a code of values”. My clients appreciate my business coaching style for the fact that I can help them tackle difficult problems and drive future solutions. Sometimes it takes all your strength just to face the issue. I will inspire you to keep moving toward success.


I will“ “figure out what makes people unique and special, be friendly, kind, likeable, be optimistic about life and I realize that laughter is a universal language”. I love to find the what makes people tick and use those strengths to push toward success. Each person’s success looks different, so no one method is the same for everyone. It is safe to say that most people appreciate the laughter in the midst of the apparent chaos, and I love to be positive!


I will challenge your thinking, naturally inspire people to follow me and seek out what is new and different in life”. It is safe to say that you will never hear me say, “well, that’s just the way we do things around here…” Those words tend to be the kiss of death to many companies. I want to challenge all your thinking so that the best principles remain.


I will systematically study, allowing others to benefit from my sound reasoning and logical assessment of your opportunities, understand people and generate fresh ideas”. I love to be a sounding board for fresh new ideas. When someone asks me my opinion, I get very excited and can’t wait to help them. It is a great honor to be asked into someone’s company to be able to help them with their business issues.

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