Why Positive Polarity?

In today’s business world, it seems that everyone has everything to offer. You can get your teeth cleaned at the same place that will change your tires! Where are the specialists? The ones who have dedicated their lives to helping other businesses succeed?

In this same business climate is the propensity to say anything to make yourself look good. Anything I can talk you into, someone else can talk you out of it. So I want you to discover on your own if we are a good fit to work together.

I’d like to share 5 strengths that I possess to help drive your future success. The quotes below are from Gallup’s StrengthsFinder program and highlight key points from each of Positive Polarity’s strengths.  See if any of these speak to you.

  • Strategic

    I will “delve deeper, be on the cutting edge, identify opportunities, listen, quiz people and read”. I love to dive into a problem and find a workable solution for all involved. I love to be involved in the mediation and arbitration process and have been for years.

  • Connectedness

    I will “help people overcome obstacles, inspire others and hold to a code of values”. My clients appreciate the fact that I can help them tackle the difficult problems and drive future solutions. Sometimes it takes all your strength just to face the issue. I will inspire you to keep moving toward success.

  • Positivity

    I will “figure out what makes people unique and special, be friendly, kind, likeable, be optimistic about life and I realize that laughter is a universal language”. I love to find the what makes people tick and use those strengths to push toward success. Each person’s success looks different, so no one method is the same for everyone. It is safe to say that most people appreciate the laughter in the midst of the apparent chaos, and I love to be positive!

  • Self-Assurance

    I will “challenge your thinking, naturally inspire people to follow me and seek out what is new and different in life”. It is safe to say that you will never hear me say, “well, that’s just the way we do things around here…” Those words tend to be the kiss of death to many companies. I want to challenge all your thinking so that the best principles remain.

  • Ideation

    I will “systematically study, allowing others to benefit from my sound reasoning and logical assessment of your opportunities, understand people and generate fresh ideas”. I love to be a sounding board for fresh new ideas. When someone asks me my opinion, I get very excited and can’t wait to help them. It is a great honor to be asked into someone’s company to be able to help them with their business issues.